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Vintage Valentines

How appropriate to post my first blog on the eve, eve of Valentine's Day. I find myself writing all the time ... about everything under the sun. You can't believe how many notes I have tacked all over my house. My son and my husband are becoming very adept at overlooking my passion.

Today, while my computer is otherwise occupied ... let me rephrase, my writing computer with my latest book that I, of course, have not backed up ... is being repaired (hopefully), I find myself writing and researching yet again.

My interest today is Vintage Valentines. I don't how this particular idea popped into my head, but suddenly I want to make one! I'm not particularly good at paper crafts but, wouldn't it be fun to try. I've never been one to jump into something on a simple scale. But do you know how precious little can be found on the Internet for the craft of making Vintage Valentines? Admittedly there is a lot on the topic collecting and the history, but only a few examples on how to make your own.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I was watching the Charlie Brown Valentine special Tuesday night and guess what Snoopy made? Yes, a gorgeous vintage, pop-up valentine. You know ... the ones with intricate scissor work. I'm not even sure what to call them.

Oh well ... if any of you ever come across any "how to" articles on the craft, please email me! This will go on my list of "have to dos."

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