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What's For Breakfast?

All morning long I've been pestered by a single line lyric running over and over again through my mind. Do you remember John Denver's, "When the sun's comin' up I've got cakes on the griddle?"

I haven't thought of that song in years, I'm much more of a "Today's Country" girl at heart and when I listen to music it's either XM's Highway 16, classical music, or my son's piano practicing which is currently the theme from Star Wars. Hmm ... Why indeed would that song run through my head this morning and then have the discourtesy not to leave.

It may be that when I tried, in vain I might add, to rouse my son's sleeping little body this morning and opened the shutters in his room; I was greeted by the most beautiful morning son, glistening over an uncharacteristic Northwest snowfall ... especially for Mid-March. It was gorgeous. It was invigorating. I think it made me wishful for that country life ... even in the heart of a city. Hopefully we all feel that from time to time. It's fresh and earthy. In my mind, nothing connects me more with our beautiful world than mornings like this.

So later, while crunching along in the snow and ice on our way to school, the song keep beat with my Uggs and I started thinking about ... breakfast. I was hungry by then after all.

I asked my son what his perfect Saturday morning breakfast was. His response, "Dad's 'famous' pancakes, bacon and eggs." I began to ponder breakfast more intently ... and I wondered what your response would be. I wondered what a typical American response might be.

I live in a neighborhood that is delightfully multi-cultural. I can't even begin to describe the aromas that waft through our streets on evenings around dinner time. For breakfast ... they tell me they love rice, noodles, curry and other savory delights that many of us don't consider until later in the day.

So, with the question of what Americans eat for breakfast still pestering me ... I researched and found something that shattered my picturesque idyllic vision of breakfast in America.

In 2005, ABC conducted a poll of what Americans actually do eat for breakfast. In 1988, The New York Times also conducted a survey which included questions about the morning meal-- it seems I'm not the only one with breakfast on the brain. Not surprisingly, according to The New York Times, cold cereal tops the list. ABC also cited cereal, followed by eggs, followed by bagels, toast or pastry. Sounds reasonable when you consider Starbuck's morning menu.

But here is where I encountered a dose of reality. ABC included in their poll a section for write-in "All Time Favorite Breakfasts." Top choice? Cold pizza. Those questioned in this poll were adults mind you. Fascinated? Here' more top favorite choices:

Peanut butter and banana sandwich
Doughnut and Coca-Cola
Eggs and steak, medium rare
Apple turnovers
Eggs Benedict (more like it!)
Graham crackers and hot tea
Cap'n Crunch cereal (this is a poll of adults, remember)
Pancakes with gravy (gravy?)
Two waffles, mashed potatoes and some meat

... and the list goes on.

What happened to "cakes on a griddle," or eggs sunnyside up or short stacks? I'm beginning to think that I am culinarily (yes, a word) out of touch. I like that idyllic country picture of pancakes, eggs and bacon. Could I eat that way everyday? Not on your life ... but I like to think some people do and can!

What did you eat for breakfast today?

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