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Tracking the American Mood

While researching a topic, I happened across a U.S. Mood Index Survey conducted by Gallup Polls and couldn’t help but stop and take a peak. What I found surprised me … since it was followed by my regular dose of fear and uncertainty brought faithfully into my home each evening via special delivery of our network affiliates.

Before I analyzed the results, my mind replayed snippets of recent economic stories I’d read or heard from every news source imaginable. And … according to all noteworthy reports, the news peddlers are probably right. The economy is struggling, the housing markets are flat, indicators of consumer confidence is low. Although the early predictions regarding Christmas Spending that showed a sharp decline from a year ago, have now been revised to show a much improved number.

Depressed? Anxious? You have to admit … given the steady diet we’re fed of the dire straits our country is in … probably. It seems reasonable.
According to Gallup Polls, however, we are actually … happy. Consistently, more than half of those surveyed said they’d had a good day yesterday, that they had experienced happiness or enjoyment without a lot of stress or anxiety. Only 14% said they had experienced stress or worry.

Hmm. We’re happy? Yes … as a country, we are generally happy, according to one of the best polling companies in the country. That’s the best news I’ve come across all day.

Interesting note: When you look at the peaks of happiness in the American mood by date … some of the sharpest inclines happen during the Thanksgiving holiday. I wonder if it has anything to do with “counting our blessings?” A lot can be said for a thankful heart.

Just had to share. So, put a smile on your face and cast your worries aside. I will say what my mother always said, “Things have a way of taking care of themselves.” True … our state of mind is half the battle. No worries … be happy.

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