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Decking My Hall


We're entering the first full week of October ... and I'm behind - already. I've yet to collect my Halloween hay bales, cornstalks, pumpkins and gourds for the front porch, I'm not sure what or if my middle-schooler will be costumed this year, and I'm already dreaming of a white Christmas.

Well, such is the life in the Wilson household! Always looking forward with such anticipation toward the next holiday. I love that about us ... and I love that about people in general. Even the seemingly most hardened and non-sentimental amongst us have longings and expectations and hopes as the holidays approach, albeit silent and secret ones.

Next weekend ... my hay bales go up, even as I expect a lighted Christmas mantelpiece to arrive on my doorstep via UPS. So much to do ... and I love it.

One of the things I love so much about this time of the year is that no hopes have been shattered, no expectations unmet, no stresses or worries about gifts, parties, and the like. We all look collectively toward the coming months with fondness and the undying American resilience that confirms that while other holidays have been stressful, worrisome ... disastrous ... this one will be different. The American spirit is alive and well during the holiday season, no matter what we celebrate.

And on to Halloween. I found an interesting link for the most popular Halloween costumes of 2010. The trend? As expected, blockbuster movie costumes along with, of course, vampires and werewolves, thanks to the Twilight series. But one trend especially caught my eye -- 1980's Flashback. Yikes ... are we old enough for flashbacks? No answer, please!

To read more about 80's flashback costumes which include leggings, bright neon colors, lace and fingerless gloves, acid-washed denim, click here.

Cycle of life ... everything becomes new again. Hopes are restored, dreams are dreamt, the lights will sparkle, old loves will become new, families will be reunited ... and snow will always fall on Christmas Eve, if only in our dreams.

Happy Holidays ... early!

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