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Viral No More

Leave it to the young ... or the young at heart ... to keep us well, not overly young, parent-age people, in line. While mine is barely reaching the cusp of adolescence, I can already see the road signs forming ahead.

I stumbled across a list this afternoon that I just had to share. And bear in mind, it's important to stay up with this stuff. You know; the widths and lengths of jeans, t-shirts, coats, your personal electronics ... your words. Yes, your language.

Lake Superior State University every year publishes a list of tired and over-used words they feel should be banned from our popular vocabulary. I have to admit, while I chuckle, I completely agree. Reason? It's not the kids I hear using these somewhat outdated terms, it's their parents. You know, those people trying to hard to be young and relevant. Smile.

So, 30 and 40 somethings ... here's your list of banned words.

Wow Factor
A-Ha Moment
Back Story
Man Up
Mama Grizzlies
The American People
I'm Just Sayin'
Facebook/Google (as verbs)
Live Life to the Fullest

For more information on this list, including definitions (for those of you who, like me, may need help with one or two) click here.

And ... just sayin', when The Today Show produces their own "viral" video, you know the trend is in a somewhat downward spiral.

Enjoy your day.

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