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What If ... and Other Dreams

I happened across a writer's blog today that caught my attention, immediately, I might add.

While I absolutely love Chinese food, authentic or otherwise, one of the things I love most is the anticipation I feel when my plate begins to empty and I think toward that crispy little treat that will inevitably inspire at least a chuckle and often a dreamy, "What if?" You know what I'm talking about ... that delectable little fortune cookie.

Matt Kelsey of Kansas City obviously agrees with me. In fact, he's applying his writing skills to a fortune blogging venture that has now landed him a syndicated story about that endeavor.

Like many Americans, Kelsey, a writer, found himself unemployed in 2009 after the newspaper he worked for stopped paper production and went online. After a short stint with the Census Bureau that ended in September, he once again found himself pounding the pavement, worried for his and his family's uncertain future, and the coming mortgage bill.

It was one November Saturday while Kelsey and his wife were eating General Tso's chicken from a local Chinese restaurant that he looked down and pondered a little cellophane wrapped treat.

"It just kind of hit me," he says. "We really needed some good fortune right then."

After a successful job hunt and new career had launched, it wasn't until the beginning of 2011 that Kelsey revisited an idea that had taken shape that November day.

Its funny how things work like that sometimes ... how ideas and inspiration can lay dormant until a time when it is allowed to germinate and grow. You've heard the euphemisms and the inspirational quotes about never giving up on your dreams, keeping your ideas close. Tuck those reminders away in your heart for a rainy day ... don't forget them ... ever.

Kelsey's, "What if"? A year of living wisely through the wisdom of fortune cookies. And, of course, writing about it. And who knows where that will lead. It wasn't too long ago that another writer started a blog about experiences of cooking her way through a cookbook, which led to a book, which led to the movie we know as, "Julie & Julia."

For 365 days of fortune cookie wisdom, visit Matt Kelsey's My Daily Fortune at:

And the next time you visit a Chinese restaurant, don't forget to crack open your cookie, read your enclosed fortune. and wonder, "What if..."

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