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Determining Personality Types Give Us Necessary Tools


It's that time of year again when the leaves begin to turn (or dry as some pessimists proclaim), the days shorten and the yellow school buses begin their rounds. It's a time I always cherish. While our landscape begins its journey toward dormancy, our lives, it seems, begin its yearly journey of renewal. Clean slates, new beginnings.

And when you're a parent, new beginnings also mean new school years which come with new teachers, new friends ... and sometimes, new challenges. With those challenges come opportunities to help guide and navigate our kids through those sometimes murky waters.

A recent article came across my path that was a great reminder of the importance of knowing and determining our child's personality. Many books, of course, have been written on the subject ... it's an old message. In fact, so old, that its roots can be founds in the teaching of Hippocrates -- 2500 years ago. Now that gives me new meaning to old. Smile.

Why is it important? Back to guidance. Knowing our children will help us help them navigate everything from learning styles to friend choices to homework and beyond.

I have posted this a quiz on Good Living Magazine that will help you determine which of four basic personality types your children fall into.

Click here to take the quiz.

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