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A Circle Letter

As my life has become almost exclusively digital, it taxes the patience sometimes when one must fill out forms at the doctor's office, or school, longhand. I mean, actually write with a pen.

Even my son's homework is increasingly digital, often mimicking social networks, especially in history and language arts.

So ... as our ways of doing things become more efficient, quicker, less taxing ... I'm beginning to think about the old way of doing things ... you know, back in the 80's and 90's. I actually have love letters tied with ribbons in my cedar chest; complete with envelope and letter. And they are precious. Reminders of life back then.

Today ... does anyone even have letters that are not Facebook posts, Tweets, texts ... or even emails? I read, respond, delete. Do you?

Will there ever even be love letters tied with pink ribbons any longer? Will they exist?

As I've been on a reading marathon of Amish books lately, to which I can't exactly explain my untiring fascination with the topic; but in each of these novels, they describe Circle Letters.

And I wondered ... what if?

And so, yes, "what if" is going to happen. I knew there was a use for my cabinet full of stationery I absolutely couldn't part with.

Apparently, there are many ways to draft and maintain Circle Letters. I am supposing they are something akin to "Chain Letters."

Just in case you're interested.

You choose a "circle" of friends or as in the Amish way, family. Record their names and addresses at the top of the letter, in list form. I am going to keep mine to a minimum at first to see if anyone will actually return the letter. I can just see someone answering back in email form. Smile.

Secondly, you write a short missive; happenings of interest in your life that perhaps you've not committed to the annals of the Facebook database. And then mail it to the first person on the list. Most often each recipient would then write their missive on their own sheet of paper. Depending on the list, this could become quite a large envelope, which I think might discourage some. That is the main reason I'm trying to keep it short ... you know, in the tradition of Twitter -- 140 words. Well, perhaps a bit more than that.

Each person on the list would then receive the "letters" of those on the list prior to them. The last person would then mail the letters to the first person on the list ... me. I would then take out my first letter and add a new one.

And the circle continues.

We'll see if it's even possible in the fast-paced world we live in. I'll let you know.

Have a great day.

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