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FREE: Whispers of the Heart at Amazon

For those of you who have a Kindle and have not read, Whispers of the Heart, I wanted to let you know that Amazon is offering this title for free until Tuesday, October 22nd. It's a heart warming story with a setting that will take you through autumn and into Christmas at Priest Lake, Idaho. It is perfect for fall reading on these chilly nights that I'm so loving right now.

Let me know how you like it!

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Discover this stunning romantic drama of youthful passion, family loyalty and the miracle of a second chance with Erika and T.J. and their chance meeting at Priest Lake, Idaho.

A public humiliation sends Los Angeles textile heiress Erika Crawford on a defining journey to Priest Lake, Idaho where through a changed identity; she discovers what could be a love everlasting. In the majestic mountains and pristine waters of a village known as Kootenai Bay, Erika, now Marie Bancroft, finds more than she bargained for in T.J. Morgan, corporate magnet and notorious playboy, heir to one of the world’s largest fortunes. T.J. meets Erika at his Priest Lake ancestral home, Bear Creek Lodge. T.J. is drawn to Erika in spite of her obvious deceptions. She could be the woman of his dreams. What he loves most is her honesty and candor. Will their love survive once the truth is revealed?

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