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Happy Easter


An early spring in the Pacific Northwest heralded sunny skies and beautiful blossoms in early March. I wondered if anything would be left for Easter. I was disappointed with the vision I crafted in my mind. Dull, rainy... only green. None of the double pink cherry blossoms I so dearly love. 

Shameful, actually. Those dismal thoughts.

Today is Good Friday, an especially important event in the Christian calendar. A day of remembrance, of reflection, of mindfulness. A day to contemplate an overwhelming act of love, selflessness and suffering on our behalf. The word "love" can't even begin to describe it. 

And then came Sunday... that first Easter. A day of fulfillment, a day of rejoicing... a day of victory. A day of conquering all that came before. A day where we have the promise of a forever future if we choose to accept it. 

The Easter blossoms? Yes -- I was incredibly wrong. I'd forgotten about the tulips and the bluebells and the white flowering trees and the garnet colored azaleas and the rhododendrons just now forming their buds in my area. I'd been distracted by the "what wasn't" instead of looking forward to the "what was to come."

May this Easter remind us all of the incredible promise of a glorious future extended to us through a horrific and loving and willing sacrifice. May we accept the gift and may we look forward to an everlasting future through Jesus.

And yes, anticipate a glorious tomorrow!

Happy Easter everyone. May this day, especially, be filled with a overwhelming sense of joy!

"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past." Isaiah 43:18 (NIV)

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