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A Free Valentine

It's February and I'm seeing red and pink everywhere I go. Of course, Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I will be celebrating all weekend long.

Why the fuss? For me, it's all about the people I love ... and it's a little bit about the roses and chocolates and presents. Smile.

Oh yes ... it is definitely about the smiles. You know, those special smiles that make your heart stop its rhythmic beating, for just a second. Its about that moment when everything ceases to exist except that smile. As if simply everything fades away for a split second, and you know with unshakable certainty that you are special to someone.

And the beauty is; that someone could be a new love, an old love, or a love for all time. It could be a dear child, your child, or a friend.

Yesterday no longer matters and tomorrow isn't even a thought. But in that moment, that smile moment, everything is ... achingly wonderful.

The thing about smiles. They are not a respecter of persons or gender or age or wealth or the lack thereof. They just are. A gift shared. A gift that continues to live in the hearts and memories of its participants, even for years to come.

We will all remember our first kisses, our first loves. And as we grow older, Valentine's Day will continue to evolve into different meanings and significances.

But our smile moments; those emotions they evoke ... they are consistent. From the newborn baby just embarking on a brand new life to those lives just ending after decades of experiences and every age in between. We all intuitively understand that smile.

More than 144 million of us will exchange Valentine's Cards sometime during the next three days, according to Hallmark data. We will give chocolate and flowers and bake treats and in countless ways try to communicate to our loved ones their significance, or the budding interest we have in that new special someone.

But in all the celebration and commemoration ... take a moment and give something this Valentine's Day that comes from just you. Something like ... a smile. And share it wholeheartedly with someone you love. And then watch as their eyes widen and crinkle in responsive pleasure and their lips curve into an answering smile. And then, quite frankly, you've made a memory for the ages.

Happy Valentine's Day.
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