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It All Begins ...


"The moon was full, as it should be on this night; the sky … clear; as it almost never was. Crisp, almost frigid dry air whistled around the door as she closed it to the very last trick-or-treater, an oversized vampire who had cleaned out the bottom of her candy basket."

Excerpt from, "Home for Christmas."

It's almost here ... the holidays, that is. As far back as I can remember, I've always believed that the Holidays began the moment we closed the door to the last trick-or-treater. It was always a passage of sorts for me. The Christmas music could then be played overtly instead of covertly. And no one much cared if little vestiges of Christmas were placed here and there. When I grew up and had my very own home, well, there was no stopping. Yes, very often my Christmas village makes its debut long before the goblins come knocking at my door.

And speaking of those goblins ... I'm busy in my kitchen this week. Savannah, one of the main characters in my latest book, will pass out 2,100 pieces of candy Halloween night. I won't pass out that many ... but yes, I did count. I have 600 pieces, thanks to the oversize bags at Costco. Come late Halloween night, the late-night teenager vampires may just get more candy than even they would dream of. Smile.

My special treats for my toddler niece and nephew and neighbors kids have been made and are ready for bows tomorrow. And the apples will be candied sometime in the afternoon. My mom started a Halloween tradition that I think all of us children mimic. Halloween is always chili night, corn muffins and because I have one of those teenagers who doesn't too often get hotdogs ... we've added "Mummy Dogs" to the mix. Oh ... and of course, the box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts ... in the Halloween box. As if we weren't already getting enough sugar as it is. Sigh. 

And so it begins ... the Holidays officially begins for me on Friday. Happy, happy smile.

Happy Halloween everyone.

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