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"Home for Christmas" Free Giveaway

For those of you who are Goodreads subscribers, 5 copies of the paperback edition of "Home for Christmas" will be given away this month. The promotion went up early this morning and there has already been a good response. If you're interested, follow the links below.

Hope you've had a great weekend! Ours has been stormy and blustery -- with local trees down and power outages. Brilliantly colored golden leaves are lining our sidewalks and roads and even a tenacious few are still clinging to baring branches. It's beautiful.

But storm or no storm ... the season is quickly approaching and there were things to do this weekend. After exchanging all of our jack-o-lanterns for pilgrims and turkeys, we visited a Holiday Bazaar, attended a basketball tournament, went to church, I'm currently baking chocolate chip cookies for the week ... and my men are off to our storage unit to retrieve our Christmas village pieces. I think setting it up won't be far behind. They are still telling me no on any trees. Hope you're loving this time of the year as much as I am!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Home for Christmas by Stephanie  Wilson

Home for Christmas

by Stephanie Wilson

Giveaway ends December 02, 2013.

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